Regional Meeting

1st, 2nd & 3rd December

Montevideo Uruguay Cala Di Volpe Hotel

IFATCA 37 America´s Regional Meeting

IFATCA Regional Meeting 37

General Info

We are pleased to receive you at the 37th IFATCA regional meeting to be held in Montevideo on December 1, 2, and 3, 2021.

This meeting will allow us to update our knowledge from the experts in the field on sensitive issues such as occupational health or the importance of generating synergy at work, among others.

It is a unique instance to know the many details of the profession that we are passionate about, with all the stories of the human being behind the microphone, their satisfactions, their problems, their desire to get ahead, and the close relationship between human factors and technical performance.

That is why we want to share all we have with you. One voice, all America´s.

Mental Health and Wellness The importance of Relationships and Frontline Experts Involvement Just Culture Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Synergic in Aviation Profession Psychosocial Risks ITF Lessons from the south 2022 AMA RM

Meeting Promoters

The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Association, is a non-profit and non-political federation, which its objects are to promote safety, efficiency and regularity in International Air Navigation; to assist and advise in the development of safe and orderly systems of Air Traffic Control; to promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among Air Traffic Controllers; to protect and safeguard the interests of the Air Traffic Control profession; to make mutual benefit affiliations with other international professional organisations and to strive for a world‐wide Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations. It has more than 50.000 affiliated members over 130 countries worldwide.


The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is a democratic, affiliate-led federation recognised as the world’s leading transport authority. We fight passionately to improve working lives, connecting nearly 700 affiliated trade unions from 150 countries that may otherwise be isolated and helping their members to secure rights, equality and justice. We are the voice for nearly 20 million working men and women across the world.


Hotel Info

Increasingly often, people traveling for business or pleasure are inclined to the boutique alternative. Cala di Volpe is the first Boutique Hotel in Montevideo.

A true heaven for the traveler, is superbly located beachfront in the most beautiful stretch of the avenue in Montevideo, a few meters from the Punta Carretas Shopping Center, the Golf Club and the administrative headquarters of Mercosur, and with easy access to all other parts of the city.